Heavenly Delights – Halal Certification

Heavenly Delights is a new brand of confectionery that has been created for the Halal-conscious market of today. Our aim is to provide consumers with the best quality confectionery whilst ensuring that we use the finest 100% Halal ingredients. HMC certified halal sweets

At Heavenly Delights, we are fully aware of the ever-increasing concerns on the issue of Halal and the abuse of this term on a mass scale in the food industry as a whole. Therefore, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that every ingredient that is used in the production of our confectionery is checked and approved as 100% Halal by a reputable Halal Certifying Authority, who utilise the most stringent methods to arrive at such a conclusion.

As such, we are pleased to announce that Heavenly Delights is the first Halal Confectionery brand to be fully certified by HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee – UK).

The HMC Certification process entails:

Checking every ingredient that has been used in the manufacturing of our confectionery, which includes flavours, colours and E numbers.

Checking the gelatine production plant, their sourcing of bones for the manufacturer of the gelatine, along with the manufacturing process and ingredients used.

Checking all pre-production and production processes to ensure that all equipment being used is properly cleaned and that no contamination takes place, before, during and after the confectionery is produced.

Checking that all post production processes such as storage and packaging are performed without any contamination issues.

For further information on HMC and their certification processes, please visit: www.halalhmc.co.uk

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